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Sometimes vet trips cost a little more than what we expected, but they are very important to the well-being of our pets. Here’s a list of sources pet owners can utilize to support their furry companions.


  • Be aware that few, if any, organizations will pay for ongoing medication that pets will need for extended periods of time.
  • It is unlikely that anyone organization or program will pay for expensive procedures in their entirety. So, be sure to contact as many sources as possible. The grants may be very small, but they can add up if you get help from a number of sources.
  • If possible, contact any possible sources of financial aid before procedures are done. Few sources are willing to pay bills for care that has already been provided.
  • Most organizations take applications only through email or web forms on the Internet. If you aren't computer-savvy, find a friend, relative, or neighbor to help you.
  • The inclusion of services, organizations, or programs listed here is NOT an endorsement or recommendation. We cannot vouch for these programs, and you should research each program thoroughly before asking for any aid.


  • Area low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinics are a resource for getting your pet's medical needs taken care of at a lower cost to you. All Valley Animal Care Center and Pet Clinics offer monthly low-cost clinics for your pet. To learn more about an upcoming clinic, please click here.
  • Pet Wellness Plans usually include all the recommended preventative pet care at a reduced overall cost, making a wellness plan a great value for pet parents. To learn more about our Kitten, Puppy, and Senior Pet Packages, please click here.
  • Pet Health Insurance Policies may reduce the impact of routine as well as emergency medical costs. For a comparison list of different pet insurance plans, click here. We also have a small list of pet insurance companies on our "Helpful Links" page.
  • Keeping Your Pet in Good Shape by providing your pet with a balanced diet and reasonable exercise can help prevent serious health problems and large vet bills in the future.
  • Practice Preventative Care, early intervention and diagnosis is the number #1 thing you can do to keep your veterinary bills low. It's much more expensive and risky to treat an illness than to protect against it.
  • Brush Your Pet's Teeth. Dental disease can not only lead to costly dental procedures but can also lead to heart and kidney problems and expensive procedures. Brushing your pet's teeth daily or weekly is key in keeping your pet happy, healthy, and reducing vet bills.
  • An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of a Cure. Parasites, fleas, and ticks can easily lead to costly medical problems. Inexpensive monthly heartworm preventative combined with a flea and tick solution can save pet owner's from expensive vet bills and heartache.


  • Contact Local Food Banks to ask if they have any pet food or supplies that are available.


You can apply for financing (at select locations) to pay your bill in payments. Learn more.


All Valley Animal Care Center and Pet Clinics currently do not have a program to help pet owners cover the cost of their pets' veterinary bills. However, the following organizations have useful information about paying for veterinary bills and veterinary assistance funds. Click any of the organizations below to go to their website and learn more about their programs. 

The inclusion of services, organizations, or programs listed here is NOT an endorsement or recommendation. We cannot vouch for these programs, and you should research each program thoroughly before asking for any aid.

Alley Cat Allies

American Humane Associations


Brown Dog Foundation

Canine Cancer Awareness

Care Credit

Frankie's Friends

Humane Society of the United States

PAWS 4 a Cure

PetCo Foundation

Shakespeare Animal Fund

The Magic Bullet Fund

The Mosby Foundation

The Pet Fund


All Valley Animal Rescue cannot be responsible for veterinary bills or treatment of an animal after leaving our shelter. If you have questions about the health of the animal you adopted from our rescue, please review the health information you were given when you adopted the animal. If you have further inquiries, please contact us

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