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Your veterinarian can offer you a variety of options for your pet's resting place. Cremation is the most common choice for pet owners. Some owners wish to have the ashes returned to them in the form of an urn, scatter tube or other personalized products while others choose to have the crematory spread the ashes for them.

Some pet owners choose to bury their pet in the yard or in a cemetery. If you choose to bury your pet in the yard, make sure to check with local ordinances for any restrictions.

Our in house cremation services:

We own and operate our own crematorium to ensure we provide a dignified farewell to loyal companions and beloved family pets. We provide compassionate, professional, full-service cremation services and remembrance items to ensure that once cherished pets will be honored in a respectful and meaningful manner. Through our services, we can assist you in helping you pay tribute and celebrate the lives of your beloved pets.

We provide a full range of services and items that ensure pets will be remembered in a unique, special and meaningful way.

  • Communal Cremation: Several pets are cremated together and the ashes are taken to a beautiful private property in Star and spread among the trees.
  • Segregated Cremation: Two or more animals are cremated together at the same time, but each animal is separated so the ashes may be individually collected. The animals do not touch each other in the cremation chamber.
  • Private Cremation: Only one animal is placed in the cremation chamber and cremated - no other animal is placed in the chamber.

Segregated Private Cremations and Private Cremations include your choice of wooden urn, ocean scattering tube or rainbow scattering tube. Our wooden urns are hand crafted locally here in Idaho.

Memorial Items:

Special Requests: We often can accommodate special requests, so please don't hesitate to ask our staff if you have any specific requests or another memorial item in mind.

Other Memorial Items: There are several companies that offer unique memorial items that you may purchase by contacting the company directly. Here are a list of a few that our clients have used in the past:

  • Mack's Memorial Glass infuses ashes of loved ones into a unique glass pendant. All products are made locally here in Idaho.
  • Cuddle Clones creates customized plush animals, figurines and ornaments out of pictures of your loved ones.
  • Petsmart offers personalized memorial stones for your house or garden.
  • Eternal Paw Prints sells a large variety of pet memorial items ranging from garden benches, keepsake boxes and jewelry.

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